Resonance is an Immersive Sound Chamber dedicated to the exploration of spatial sound, and the creation of deep meditative, exploratory and experimental content for second order periphonic systems. Our 12.1 channel Ambisonic Sound system is designed to provide a deep single person experience, and to become a platform from which to create, test and explore spatial audio content.

Resonance is an open space where people come to explore meditation, creativity, energetic blockages, ritual, sensory exaltation, synesthesia, isolation, solitude, and the depths of their own self. We provide a safe space for the exploration of sound as an entheogenic medium, and seek to facilitate meditative states in order to increase people’s experience and agility in the theta landscapes of the mind.

We are located in west oakland, and can be booked for appointments via

resonance.baths at gmail dot com

paypal button



1 hour long session plus a tarot reading for 50$

30 minutes for 25$



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