Mama Crow & Daniel Lofredo Rota | Dragonfly (released!)

I am really excited to reveal this deep and effusive EP. Such a pleasure to collaborate with Mama Crow; Such Soul!!!

dragonfly15 FINAL copy

we start off in a wide open space, with “Thunder”, a meticulously percussive track, that blends organic instrumentation with electronic grooves, and smooth orchestration that seamlessly blend into “Intoxicate me” a folk ambient mantra, hypnotic and deep, which lulled me into deep dream, many times while producing it,

“Unwritten” follows  with a blend of Andean Chacarera, and Mama Crow’s sublime voices in a gloriously melancholy chorus decorated with cinematic bells that are emotive, and true.

The EP Ends with Dragonfly, one of my favorite Mama Crow songs which I got the honour to record and produce. An Orchestral folk arrangement, Mama on Guitar, and her words weaving unforgetable truths that we can all relate to.

A whole lotta love went into this.

the EP is a free download for the next week,
lovers of chillwave, deep, electronic bliss, folktronic soul, and good music that takes you by surprise

you are gonna want a copy.


About dlofredorota

Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.


  1. Tintinela


  2. Scott Egan

    Very nice stuff. Thanks to your mother for sending this to us!
    Scott & Pernela
    Tucson, AZ

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