forthcoming (NOV. 2013)

Its been a busy year,

A great year; so much has come to fruition, but its not time yet to be countint chips,

more is coming.


stay tuned for a fresh Acoustronica EP, that Mama Crow and I have been working on for almost a year! 5 tracks, spanning electronica at 155bpm to orchestral folk, produced by Daniel Lofredo Rota and Co-written by Mama Crow and Myself. The album is rich, joyous, as always with darkness lurking in the alleyways, the release blooms with the autumn, shows its true colors, and billows with effervescent beauty.

Download it for free this coming monday 11/11/13

Also in the works?

the rest of the year brings an exploration into Ambient Vox, deep tracks that entrance you and the second coming of AFTR, this time with Ember, a mysterious blend of Noise, and tape, filled with merciless fire, and strepitous bass, lovers of techno, dark drone, and noise, stay tuned!

the third project is a venture out of the studio into performance,

one word:




About dlofredorota

Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.

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