LoFeye | “The Road is A River” | Debut LP out now!

The road is a river cover (tentative) 12x12 cm

Born out of travel and produced on the road “The Road is a River” was created out of samples collected in 6 different countries in the course of one year, samples which were then combined with live instrumentals, percussion, beat programming, signal processing, and blended with bold snippets of powerful Latin American folk artists. The album is a journey from start to finish, expressing uprootedness, transformation, growth, and the intense stimulation of a fast moving life. The album comes to life with high paced rhythms, genuine and honest infusions of soul, and takes the listener on an adventure through the nepalese highlands, the tunnels of the London Underground, the terminals of airports that could be anywhere, the Indian Railway, the Pan American highway, across the Bosphorus and into the spanish mediterranean. It is a true bridge between cultural motifs, between analog and Digital Technology, and one with itself from start to finish.

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About dlofredorota

Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.