Adaledge – Lionest

Adaledge, the mysterious analog electro musician asked me to make a video for his song “lionest.” His sound is enticing, and really emotive, both aspects which i came to know very well in the process of making the video. I used morphing techniques as well as real time spherization, in both after effects and module8 to create a video which, in my mind, expresses the dualities of human existence– that which is tangible and that which is not. Fire and water, hot and cold– opposing poles which exist within us, driving forces which propel our existences, essence of the soul which lives within this carnal body. The idea was to show the multiplicities of human physicality, combined with intricacies, and the inexplicable, unpredictable, nature of that which lives wihin us, that essence that cannot be named.

The face clips came from two sources–the first is from the book “Identites” which is an archive of photographs used by eugenicists in the beginning of the last century. a lot of these images were meant to find a connection between anatomical structures of humans and their position in the social order. The other clips are from the faces of anyone who walked into my studio with a will to collaborate. I also used morphing on frames taken from a MRI of my own brain, they can be seen in the profile shot of the morphing men, with the brain flowing within their skulls.

the source material for the fire – water scenes came from long exposure photographs of camfires and from my fireball series:


many thanks to Adaledge for the opportunity to make this video, and for the truly inspirational sounds!

for more of music, including a free download of the album “Vintage Feelings”click here:


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Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.