Finally! For months I have been doing a lot of experimentation with live video software. Using Modul8 (a fantastic program) I have been able to create 3D animation from 2d imagery and also use many more drawing out of my sketchbook and have figured out a way to make video out of still frames, and it feels and looks different than stop motion. With Adobe after effects, pixel motion and some blurring I have managed to bring pages out of my skectchbook to life, and after a long time of working in a seemingly unrelated sequence of steps, it feels really good to see things take shape as this video has.

I know the meanings may still be blurry–but that is what we’re dealing with, the absurdity of meanings, the difficulty of communication, the fact that all that which cannot be said shall pass over in silence….

enjoy, I would really love to see your comments!


About dlofredorota

Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.