Absurd is the word

This video is an analofg/ digital experiment. I took a process that i have become very fond of, and animated it’s happening in the world. As of late, I have been listening to the radio a hell of a lot. I sit there and draw to the sound of mid morning talk radio. What i do is I draw the words they say. I write the first word I hear and when I am done, I write the next one I hear and so on and so forth. This exercise represents the extent of my High School Note taking; scribbled pieces of eight by ten paper with words scattered about  it at all angles, back wards and forwards, upside down, right side up…

There is an incredible amount of beauty in absurdity. And by writing down these aesthetic parragraphs of nonsense I am making this chronoligacal stringing of words into a compositional non sequitur, a scattered mass of meaning and thoughts that cease to convey meaning, and instead seem to question its very existence.

maybe it’s ambitious (nothing wrong with that!), but I am really excited with this new path in my work!


About dlofredorota

Born in Quito, Ecuador, I now live in California and work as an artist, animator, and musician.